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Jeffrey Lauretig

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08/10/10 03:19 PM #1    

Owen Margolis

There was certainly nobody any wilder and fun-loving than Jeff. I spent quite a bit of time hanging out with him. Deep inside he was a good man. I would have liked to have seen him before he left us.

10/10/10 03:49 AM #2    

John Masseria

Well said Owen!  In addition, I was very fortunate to have spent some time with Jeffrey during his month long celebration in barbados.  The unfortunate thing about Jeffrey's early departure is that he had so much to offer.  I new he was an unusually loyal friend early on, but I didn't realise if he had funnelled his energy into a positive direction what he was capable of until I arrived in Barbados and saw Jeffrey hadn't changed, but also changed!  It was one of the things that kept me looking at life in a very positive and different light.  Just seeing him and being in his presence always warmed my heart and energized me.  With that funky smirk of his!  You never new where the roller coaster would stop!  He had grown and become something I hope some day I can become.  I went down to Atwood Lake with some of you.  We were all very pleasently surprise as we were in the rear of the ceremony listening to one after the other all kinds of people going up and sharing how Jeffrey help them change and get on with their life.  There was a hell of alot of people.  We, who went down there who new him in our earlier years felt it wasn't appropriate to discuss the early days.  He was one hell of a loyal friend and one hell of a man!

01/21/11 04:13 PM #3    

Paul Nicholes

Jeffery was an amazing young man in high school. As natural a leader as one could imagine, he was always at the heart of whatever event, party or project was going on. And the ladies were as though hypnotized by his charisma. He was one of a kind.

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