In Memory

Thomas H. Eberlein

Tom passed away 10/25/2017
His wife posted this
Yesterday my children's father, Tom Eberlein, passed away peacefully at home after a hard-fought battle with glioblastoma. He was a good person, a smart and kind man, and a proud, proud father. Please send some light and love to our kids, Tessa and Gus, and to Tom's wife, Kris. Peace to you, Tom, and to the rest of us.

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10/26/17 11:35 PM #1    

Mark Abel (Abel)


I was so sorry to hear about your passing.You showed an obvious passion and talent for science even back in high school when we shared Mr. Quail's second year physics class with our inredibly small class (I think Mr..Quail had to petition the principal to even be able to teach it to so few of us). Tom you parlayed your talent and passion into a Chemistry PhD and a successful academic career - congrats on that. Tom, you were a good man and good person back in high school and in our brief encounter at a reunion, you seemed like you had grown into a great person with a nice family. My job out in the Pacific Northwest takes me frequently to universities and I kept thinking to myself that if I got back to near where you were teaching in Pennsylvania, I would look you up. Sorry I never got around to doing that Tom. May you rest in peace and condolences to your family. 

Your high school physics buddy,

Mark Abel

10/27/17 11:50 AM #2    

Kenneth D. Johnson

Devastating news to hear of Tom’s passing. Tom was one of the most important and influential people in my life from elementary school through my teens. Tom was one of the smartest (coming from that gene pool, he couldn’t help himself - what a family of achievers!), most inquisitive (teaching himself Russian on a lark), most competitive (pencil fights in Mr. Olson’s science class to establish who was the best test taker), funniest and silliest (the star of more than one of my 8 mm dramas) people I’ve ever known, not to mention being absolutely fearless (many know the jumping over the campfire story, but there’s much much more…). I’m truly fortunate to have been a part of his life.

10/28/17 11:03 AM #3    

Kristin Olsen (Kiser)

Dear Family and Friends,

I was so shocked and disheartened to hear of Tom's passing.  The last time we were all together was to celebrate our 50th birthdays at our farm in south eastern Ohio.  What a great time and how nice to see your whole family.  We tried to organize another farm party this year, to celebrate our 60th birthdays, but it has yet to happen.  Losing a dear friend, like Tom, reminds us all that life is precious, we must live each day richly, and not wait for "big" occasions to get together.

A sweet memory of Tom that I want to share is the time he made me a Christmas tree through the magic of chemistry.  He had fashioned a copperwire into the shape of a Christmas tree and put it in some myterious liquid.  He then added another myterious liquid, and with a sheepish grin on his face he told me to watch and see what happens. The tree grew needles!  I thought, "It's so cool that I know someone, so clever and who does fun things like this.

I loved Tom's wit, warm heart, sincerity and his deep demonstrated love for his family. My heart goes out to all of you.

Kristin Olsen Kiser

10/28/17 11:14 AM #4    

Ronald C. Taylor

I am saddened to hear of Tom's passing. It has been a very long time since we had last spoke, but I do have warm memories of Tom from high school. In particular, from Mr. Quail's 2nd yr physics class, as Mark has mentioned. I really enjoyed that class and the people in it. Tom was part of that. It sounds like he had rich life, in both family and work. That, at least, was good to read. My own mother died of cancer when I was a kid, and a dear cousin of mine more recently died of glioblastoma. I am hoping that the research that I am involved with in an immunobiology division will help in the clinic, eventually. I imagine that Tom would have allowed me to pontificate on my work if we had met  - he was a considerate listener  and friend <smile>  My deep condolences and best wishes to Tom's family.

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