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James D. Fisher

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01/05/16 11:55 AM #1    

Steven H. Begleiter


I met Jim in 7th grade on the playground of Roxboro Jr. High. He was in a fist fight with another student, don't remember why...but we became friends that day. He had just moved from a tough neighborhood in East Cleveland and was still a bit rough but when I got to know him, I realized he was more of a gentle giant. 

HIs toughness served him well when he played for the CHHS basketball team..I believe he was starter..He was lot of fun and sort of consciencous risk taker. He ended up being roommates with me in College and like me studied Photojournalism. I introduced him to his soon to be wife Mary, another journalist. 

We stayed in contact after graduation. Jim had started his own multimedia business and employed around 30 people. When I caught up with hm years later I asked him how he runs a successful business in IT and Corporate Media and his response was " I just hire people smarter than me." I was touched years later when he and Mary drove out to Montana to pay a visit. His enthusiasm for the creative life never waned. He was truly an photo enthusiasts and I sat for hours looking at his travel image...with glee. 

The last time I saw Jim, was in Cleveland about 4 years ago..I was on an art grant panel and our mutual friend arranged a dinner for Jim, Mary and myself in little Italy..Needless to say we had a great time..It was the last time I saw Jim...He truly was one of kind, tough, religious, and determined...and in my eyes a big success raising 4 beautifully independent children and a bit of Jim in each of them...I felt very fortunate to have gotten to know Jim...and will miss him..










01/05/16 02:38 PM #2    

Bill Marshall

 I'm saddened to learn Jim has passed away. It has been several years since our paths have crossed but when we did run into each other (usually a business function) we always reflected on the great days of Roxboro  Jr High and Cleveland Heights. Jim alway spoke of his family and how proud he was of them. I will think of him and his family in my prayers.


Bill Marshall

01/05/16 09:38 PM #3    

Nigel Collie

I am so sorry to hear of Jim's death.  We lived three houses apart on South Overlook Rd in Cleveland Heights.  He, Dan Austin and I hung out a lot in junior high, playing basketball in his back yard, listening to music (Zappa, the Mothers of Invention); he helped me through a difficult period in my life. We drifted apart in high school, moving in different circles, but he will always be cherished in my heart.  Rest in Peace my friend.

Nigel Collie

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