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Milton Zill

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Barry Seybert

Milton was a close friend through Jr High at Roosevelt.  During that time he was part of my class that would become the graduating class of '74.  Once we got into Heights I lost touch with Milton and wondered what became of him.  He was a foster child so I figured he had moved as I never crossed paths with him again.

I still remember him beating everyone through the halls of Roosevelt racing when he was on crutches for an extended period of time after some medical procedure.

From what I knew of his past he hadn't had the easiest life.  It also toughened him and he didn't let anyone push him around.  He became my protector during that period in Jr High when everyone starts picking on each other.  He got me to start standing up to kids I feared.

I don't know how many friends he had within his class at Heights.  From what I knew of him he was more a loner with a small core of close friends.  He really was a good natured good hearted kid but had built a defensive line around himself because of what he had been through.

You were a good friend through some of my rough times and I hope I was the same for you.  i never forgot you and hope that as an adult you found happiness that wasn't always there for you as a minor.

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